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DANOS was defined by AT&T’s “dNOS” software framework white paper to be a more open, cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional networking equipment. DANOS is based on a subset of the Vyatta NOS used internally in AT&T’s network. It is a ready-to-use Debian-based distribution that makes use of the Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) libraries to provide highly efficient software packet-processing on x86 hardware in addition to Broadcom’s Open Network Switch Layer (OpenNSL) libraries to support a hardware programming plugin architecture for merchant silicon based forwarding. An example OpenNSL plugin plugins for the UFiSpace S9500-30xs device is and Accton/Edgecore AS5916-54XKS 10G/100G devices are provided.

DANOS supports industry-standard routing protocols and forwarding features such as: