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You can choose this backed up image at the bootloader if you wish to return to FRR 7.4.

5) . Install the new packages on your running DANOS image

Code Block
$ sudo dpkg -i libyang1_1.0.184-2_amd64.deb frr_7.5-0danos1_amd64.deb frr-pythontools_7.5-0danos1_all.deb frr-snmp_7.5-0danos1_amd64.deb vyatta-frr-vci_1.15.0_amd64.deb vyatta-protocols-frr_1.15.0_all.deb vyatta-route-broker-frr_1.0.3_amd64.deb

6) . Reboot - you are now running FRR 7.5!