Release schedule and upcoming support for Accton/Edgecore AS5916-54XKS

We want to give details of the upcoming release schedule of the DANOS project. The initial seed code contribution by AT&T to The Linux Foundation happened in November 2019. Our goal is to make three releases a year. In 2020, we expect to have one before the first half of the year, and then two before the end of the year.

The first release of 2020 will contain many new features that have been developed internally within AT&T since the 1908 release. In future blog posts, we will go into detail about the upcoming features, but there is one feature that we are particularly excited about and want to share now.

The next release of DANOS will run on the Accton/Edgecore Qumran-MX platform AS5916-54XKS 10G/100G Edge Router. The Accton/Edgecore AS5916-54XKS is an affordable Carrier Access/Aggregation data centre switch. 

DANOS uses Broadcom’s Open Network Switch Layer (OpenNSL) libraries to support a hardware programming plugin architecture for merchant silicon-based forwarding. The support for the AS5916-54XKS device is now the second OpenNSL plugin (along with the initial UFiSpace S9500-30xs one) that will be available as part of DANOS.