DANOS 2105 released

We are proud to announce the fifth release of DANOS, the open source Network Operating System (NOS) for Telco and Enterprise networking. DANOS is part of the Linux Foundation and based upon AT&T's Vyatta NOS.

DANOS 2105 has many new features and numerous bug/security fixes. Of particular interest is the:

  • Upgrade to use the latest maintenance release of FRR, version 7.5.1.

  • IS-IS routing protocol now supports topology and MPLS-TE configuration options, and IS-IS can be applied to a VIF interface.

  • Upgrade to use nDPI 3.4, which introduces new applications that can be detected.

  • A powerful new mechanism to configure how Syslog processes and modifies log messages.

  • ARP table size and timeout configuration.

  • The passwords on the DANOS user accounts can be set to expire, and old passwords can be prevented from being reused.

Details on how to download the ISO and access the full release notes are available at DANOS 2105

Please keep the questions and suggestions coming. We welcome all input, whether pull-requests, example configurations, or just hearing how you are using DANOS.

Many thanks to all those who contributed code to this release. The complete source code for DANOS is available at http://github.com/danos.