System management commands

Operational mode

clear commands

clear console - clear screen

Syntax: clear console

Use this command to clear the screen of the user console.

clear interface counters - clear interface counters for all interfaces

Syntax: clear interface counters

Use this command to clear the kernel counters for all interfaces of all types, including bridge, data plane, loopback and tunnel.

delete file - delete files in a particular image

delete log - delete a log file

delete session - delete system session information

Syntax: delete session table [ conn-id <connection identifier> | destination <dst-addr[:dst-port]> | nat46 | nat64 | source <src-addr[:src-port]> ]

Use this command to delete all the entries from the dataplane session table.

The optional arguments can be used to delete specific types of session table entries.

delete system - delete system objects

monitor system information

monitor command

monitor interfaces - monitor interface information

Syntax: monitor interfaces

Displays bandwidth utilization statistics for each interface across all interfaces.


monitor log - monitor last lines of message files

poweroff - poweroff the system

Syntax: poweroff [ at <time> | cancel | now ]

Powers off the system. Only users with administrative (admin)-level permission can run this command.

reboot - reboot the system

Syntax: reboot[ at <time> | cancel | now ]

Reboots the system. Only users with administrative (admin)-level permission can run this command.

reset - reset a service

reset ip arp address - reset ARP cache for an IPv4 address

Syntax: reset ip arp address <ipv4>

Removes the entry associated with a specific IP address from the ARP cache.

reset ip arp interface - reset ARP cache for interface

Syntax: reset ip arp address <interface name>

Removes the entry associated with an Ethernet interface from the ARP cache.

show arp

Syntax: show arp [ <interface> ]

Displays the ARP cache of the system.

show date

Syntax: show date [ utc ]

Display the system date and time in either local time or Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

show hardware cpu

Syntax: show hardware cpu [ summary ]

View CPU information used in the system.

show hardware dmi

Syntax: show hardware dmi

View information about the Desktop Management Interface (DMI) of the system. The DMI provides a standard framework for managing resources in the device.

show hardware fru

show hardware mem

Syntax: show hardware mem

View information about system memory.

show hardware pci

Syntax: show hardware pci [ detailed ]

View information about the PCI bus. The PCI bus provides communication among the peripheral components and processor of the system.

show hardware sensor

show history

Syntax: show history [ <num> | brief ]

Display command history.

brief - displays the most recent 20 commands.

show host

Syntax: show host [ date | domain | lookup [ <hostname> | <ipv4> ] | name | os ]

View information configured for the host.

lookup - shows the canonical name and IP address plus any configured aliases recorded in the name server for the specified host or IP address.

show interfaces

Syntax: show interfaces [ counters | detail | extensive | system [ enabled ] ]

View configuration information and operational status for the interfaces and virtual interfaces.

counters - displays counter information about all the interfaces available on your system

detail - displays detailed information about all the interfaces available on your system.

extensive - displays detailed configuration information and operational status for all interfaces and virtual interfaces.

system - displays all the physical interfaces available on your system.

system enabled - displays only enabled system interfaces known to the system.

show log

show platform

show poweroff

show reboot

Syntax: show reboot

View the next scheduled reboot date and time.

show session table

Syntax: show session table [ detail | source <src-addr[:src-port]> | statistics ]

View information on the dataplane session table.

show system

show system boot-messages

Syntax: show system boot-messages [ all ]

Display a subset of the kernel bootup messages, or all of them if all is specified.

show system commit

show system connections

show system image

show system kernel-messages

show system memory

show system power-profile

show system processes

show system storage

show system uptime

show system usb

show tech-support

show version

set console keymap

set date

Syntax: set date [ <datetime> | ntp <ntpserver> ]

Set the system date and time either directly or by specifying an NTP server from which to acquire them.

set system image

set terminal

Syntax: set terminal [ key query-help [ disable | enable ] | length <number> | pager <program> | width <number> ]

Sets the behavior of the system terminal.

key query-help - enables or disables help using the question mark. The default option is enable.

pager - the program to use as the terminal pager. If no pager is specified, the default (less) is used.

Configuration mode

system boot-loader

system console

system default dataplane cpu-affinity

system default dataplane power-profile

system domain-name

system host-name

system name-server

system options reboot-on-panic

system platform type switch

system session [ limit | log | table-size | timeout ]

system static-host-mapping

system timezone